Asian (Double Eyelid) Surgery

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The upper lids, the creases, folds, muscles and fatty tissue in Asian patients are anatomically obviously different than in Caucasian patients.

If specific attention is given to all these details the surgery can have excellent results and not change the ethnic character of the eyelids.

If the Asian patient chooses to westernize eyelids, it can be performed successfully and tastefully.

“Double eyelid fold” procedure, describes the procedure that gives the upper eyelid a visible crease when the eye is open. This change to the upper eyelid makes it easier to apply makeup and is considered to be a desirable aesthetic appearance in many Asian cultures.

Dr. Glavas has clinical experience and has publications on the anatomy of the Asian eyelid. Dr. Glavas offers all available techniques for double eyelid fold formation. There are three main variations of the procedure:

  • DST – double stranded twist
  • suture quick eyelid surgery 
  • incisional technique

The procedure is performed in the office setting or if the patient is extremely anxious at  the ambulatory surgery center. Recovery depends on the technique used  and the patient’s individual healing ability and ranges between 2-7 days.

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