Eyelid Reconstruction (Cancers, Ectropion Entropion)

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Patients who get sun burnt easily are very predisposed to getting skin cancer. This frequently occurs on the lower or upper eyelids. These skin cancers start as a small red spot or a small crust, but they can grow to be quite large. If they are treated in the early stages, the surgery and recovery are short and simple. If the skin cancer has grown, the surgery will be more complex. However, grafting techniques, using tissue from the other eyelids or the skin from behind the ear can effectively be used to rebuild a new eyelid.
eyelid lift


If a patient has previously had an eyelift and does not like the result, it can be modified or repaired. Dr. Glavas will spend the time to explain the mechanism behind an undesired or visually unpleasant result and recommend techniques to make the result less traumatic and more accurate.


In older patients, or in patients who have had accidents, the lower eyelid may be out of position. The eyelashes may turn in and rub the eye (Entropion) or the edge of the lower eyelid may fall away from the eye, causing it to tear (Ectropion).

Both conditions can be repaired with local anesthesia by tightening and repositioning the lower lid muscles and tendons.


“You know what is great, now when I want to open my eyes with surprised look, both eyes open up, and the eyebrows even move, Thank you again, you mean the world to me!!!! ”


Patients with pale skin and little pigment are very prone to skin cancers. However, even patients with dark, heavily pigmented skin can develop skin cancers. Avoidance of sun, the use of sun screens and sun blocks are very helpful in decreasing the incidence of these cancers.

The most common areas of the face where skin cancers develop are:
(1) the lower eyelids, (2) the tip of the nose, (3) the forehead, and (4) the upper eyelid.

The most common types of skin cancer are:
(1) the basal cell carcinoma, (2) the squamous cell carcinoma, and (3) the melanoma.

BASAL CELL CARCINOMAS may begin as a small red dot that grows, bleeds, forms a scab, and eventually an ulcer of the eyelid tissue. Although these tumors begin small, they can grow quite large. Although they do not spread to other parts of the body (metastasize), they are easier to remove when they are small. Often a part or all of an eyelid has to be removed but this can be meticulously reconstructed yielding an aesthetically pleasing result.

SQUAMOUS CELL CARCINOMA grow much like basal cells, except that they may appear to be more scaly and flaky and are more aggressive, growing more rapidly.

MELANOMA are usually pigmented and are often raised, although they can initially be flat. Any brown or grey spot that changes size, shape or pigmentation is suspicious of being a melanoma. These are exceptionally dangerous as they will metastasize – spread to other organs of the body – and can be deadly. They must be removed early. The smaller and flatter they are, the less chance of their spread.


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