Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of doctor is Dr Glavas?
Dr Glavas is an internationally known Oculo-Facial plastic surgeon. This is a type of plastic surgeon with dedicated training in facial cosmetic and eyelid plastic surgery. He is also an expert in minimally invasive procedures (Botox Cosmetic , fillers , chemical peels, LASER skin resurfacing).
In what way is Dr Glavas different from a general plastic surgeon?
Dr Glavas is a superspecialist for facial cosmetic and eyelid surgery. He has been  trained for the same time as a general plastic surgeon but specifically in the area of the eyelids and surrounding facial structures.  Briefly there are three pathways of becoming an aesthetic plastic surgeon. The most know pathway is that of a general plastic surgeon. The other pathways are through otorhinolaryngology and ophthalmology to become a facial plastic or oculo-facial plastic surgeon. The time the doctors spend in training is the same but the focus of training is more targeted to the face in the pathways of facial and oculoplastic surgeons. Did you know that many cosmetic procedures (i.e. liposuction) were developed by physicians from specialties other than plastic surgery? More
Is Dr. Glavas Board Certified?
Yes! Dr. Glavas is board certified surgeon by the National Board of Medical Examiners. He is member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, and American College of Surgeons.
What kind of procedures Dr. Glavas performs?
Dr Glavas performs cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for the eyelids and face. Dr Glavas gives emphasis on natural results and quick recovery. All the procedures Dr. Glavas offers in his practice have been scientifically established for their safety and effectiveness. Please click on the procedure of interest from the list below to get more specific information.

Eyelid Surgery, Upper blepharoplasty, Lower blepharoplasty, Laser Blepharoplasty, Transconjunctival eyelift, Asian Eyelid Surgery, Ethnic Eyelid Surgery, Eyelid Surgery for Men, Eyelid Reconstruction, Brow Lift, Endoscopic Brow Lift, Forehead Lift, Mid-Face Lift, MACS face lift, Neck Chin Lift, Laser Fractional skin resurfacing, Lip Augmentation, Lip Reshaping, Earlobe Repair, Scar-less mole removal, Botox Cosmetic, Fillers, Latisse, Chemical Peels, Skin.

Where does Dr. Glavas performs his procedures?

Dr. Glavas performs his procedures in major hospitals and accredited ambulatory surgical facilities. The list of locations includes the Massachusetts Eye Ear Infirmary in Boston, Winchester Hospital, Andover Surgery Center, Massachusetts Eye Plastic Surgery Center and more. Please call the office at 617-725-1921 for updated information.

I have many questions about my face. Will Dr. Glavas explain to me all the answers?
Dr Glavas will spend the time to make sure you understand all the options you have before committing to a procedure. There are non invasive , minimally invasive and surgical procedures that each have specific indication, advantages and limitations. Dr. Glavas makes sure you have complete understanding of the the preoperative, perioperative and postoperative facts.
How can I pay for my visit or procedure?
All types of payments are accepted by our office including cash , checks, debit and credit cards. You may also consider using CareCredit to finance your procedure.
Am I too young to have cosmetic treatments?
Cosmetic procedures are not only indicated for correction or rejuvenation of an aged face. Let’s not forget the third goal of cosmetic procedures which is to repair. Many individuals younger or older seek those procedures for correction of an aesthetic blemish that some times affects not only their appearance but also their self esteem.

Prevention of the signs of aging such as rough, sun damaged and wrinkly skin, or volume loss due to aging is a great way of avoiding invasive procedures along with their risks and downtime.

In fact many of the newer minimally invasive procedures have been popular among younger individuals. Part of the reason is their lack of downtime and immediate gratification.

What is the consultation process?
The consultation is a lengthy process done in the office. It includes photography and a thorough history taking in addition to clinical examination. Dr. Glavas reviews along with you your concerns, medical history, goals, old photos, in order to formulate a plan of action. This plan is customized to your individual characteristics, needs and desires and takes into account the pros and cons of the recommended procedures to achieve the most effective result while keeping the recovery to a minimum.
What is the recovery time needed after undergoing cosmetic surgery?
Recovery time varies substantially depending on the procedure. Click on the procedure desired for detailed information on that procedure including recovery time.