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Blepharoplasty is the medical term that describes an eye-lift. Upper blepharoplasty is the surgical procedure that improves the appearance of the upper eyelids by tightening skin, correcting the level of droopy eyelids or removing excess skin.
Eyelid surgery is the most common facial cosmetic surgery after face lift. Eyelid appearance is important in defining the overall appearance of the face. Rejuvenation of the upper eyelids may improve the appearance of the whole face and make someone feel younger and rejuvenated. In many instances the procedure may increase the amount of light entering the eye and improve quality of vision.

The arch of a woman’s eyebrow, the contour of the lid, the height of the eyelid fold, and the angle of the eye are only a few of the aesthetic considerations that must be evaluated when performing eyelifts for women. Dr. Glavas thoroughly discusses his findings with each patient. Every procedure is customized for each patient, because no two patients are exactly alike.

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The upper eyelid anatomy if complex for such a relatively small area of tissue. Each person has unique anatomic characteristics defining his / her facial identity. The skin of the eyelids is very thin and has no fatty layer underneath. The muscle that lifts the eyelid and the orbital fat have to be evaluated before deciding about which surgical technique will be used.

Taking into consideration all the above anatomic characteristics and the goals of the patient Dr. Glavas may perform the procedure using Laser or Radiofrequency or simply using a traditional “cold knife” technique. Carbon Dioxide laser is a great tool to minimize postoperative bruising and reduce the recovery time but may not be appropriate for darker skin types or patients with delayed healing.


Does your face look tired even if you have rested for hours? Has any of your friends or family members mentioned that your eyelids look heavy? Does the skin of the upper lids look thin and stretched? Does the skin touch your eyelashes and messes up your mascara or you cannot even see your upper eyelids to put eyeshadow any more? Do the corners (close to the nose) of the upper lids have small bulges from prolapsing fat?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions you may be a candidate for upper blepharoplasty. Droopy eyebrows may contribute to the overall appearance of excessive upper lid skin.


Dr Glavas has offers more than one technique for eyelid surgery. Preparation for the surgery is as important as the surgery itself. Dr. Glavas reviews your past medical history and makes recommendations so you may be best prepared for your eyelid procedure.

The procedure may be performed in the office, hospital or ambulatory surgery center. Preoperative measurements are performed by Dr. Glavas to outline the amount of skin to be removed. This is one of the most important steps of the procedure to avoid postoperative complications such as inability to close the eyes. In general the procedure is performed through a small incision along the upper lid fold. Dr. Glavas will use a combination of technologies and methods to give you the most natural and rejuvenating result with the least downtime. Use of technologies such as laser for incisions and smoothing of the eyelid wrinkles, or radio-frequency will minimize bleeding and reduce recovery time. Special postoperative measures and use of products are recommended to enhance the result and speed recovery.


It is not uncommon situation for patients to combine upper blepharoplasty with lower lid surgery and brow lift or a skin fractional laser resurfacing to treat sun damage, wrinkles and large pores of the skin. Combining treatments adds to a more dramatic and natural result without significantly extending the recovery time.


Postoperative pain is NOT a characteristic of eyelid surgery. The most common immediate postoperative symptoms are swelling of the eyelids and some bruising of the skin. These symptoms are worst the day after surgery. Some people will notice a burning sensation of the eyes that can easily be alleviated using cold compresses.


“I’m very happy with the results of my blepharoplasty and I am telling everyone about it. You did a great job in making me look younger and lively. The best part is that I have no scars. As a person who has had surgery in the past, this was a piece of cake. I would do it over if I had to. You are knowledgeable, yet not pretentious. You are kind and friendly. Thanks again.”


Depending on the technique used for your procedure and you individual characteristics of healing the recovery may range between 4 days to 2 weeks. Even after upper eyelid surgery the swelling and bruising tends to accumulate in the area of the lower lids. Following the recommended postoperative care and use of products available from our office is important to reduce the recovery downtime.

The eyes are not patched after surgery and your vision is unaffected. The average recovery time is about one week for the swelling and bruising to resolve. Many of Dr. Glavas’ patients are able to continue their daily activities the day after the procedure. Strenuous activities such as lifting heavy weights are not recommended for the immediate postoperative period. Dr. Glavas can make your decision easier by going over with you the list of activities you may resume the day after surgery.


You may go back to work in a couple of days after your eyelid surgery. Your vision is unaffected and you may wear glasses (regular or sunglasses) immediately after your procedure. If your work involves face to face interaction with clients then you may want to resume work after the swelling subsides (few days). Dr. Glavas will advise you when you may start using foundation (make-up) over bruised areas.


Upper blepharoplasty (eye-lift) surgery is an excellent investment in an individual’s well being. Because of this, we believe financial considerations should not be an obstacle to your procedure. At the office we accept all methods of payment as well as financing by CareCredit. Please see the financing section of our website or click below to get an instant reply.

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