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Have you ever thought that lower lid lift could be done without a skin incision and with minimal downtime?

Transconjunctival eyelid surgery is an established surgical technique for the lower eyelids. It has been performed for many years with predictable results. Dr. Glavas has refined the technique and has been using it for many of his patients because of its advantages over the traditional external technique (using a blade).

The incision is performed using laser or radiofrequency at the inside layer of the eye (conjunctiva). Then blunt dissection is used to expose the fat that is either vaporized using laser or in certain cases repositioned.

Since there is no skin incision the integrity of the eyelid support is not disrupted (let’s not forget that one of the eyelid’s functions is to support the eye!). In addition there is no skin scar and subsequently no risk for eyelid retraction or rounding of the eye (“sad eye”), especially if there is significant laxity of the lower lid to start with.

So the major benefits of the transconjunctival lower lid blepharoplasty are the lack of skin incision, preservation of the eye shape and shorter recovery time due to less bruising of the eyelid. Use of cover up foundation may be used without any restrictions since the skin is intact.

Combination procedures including sub-periorsteal mid-face lift or malar and tear trough implants may be performed at the same time using the same transconjunctival approach.

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“Dr Glavas was very professional, and treated my eye issue with ease. I would highly recommend him and his staff. If I ever have another issue with y eye I know exactly who to see!”

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